Luxury Resort in Shimla  | Suro Treehouse Resort

Address: Village Suro, P.O. Basha,Kaithlighat, Near Shimla, Himachal Pradesh | Reservation Line: +91-98166-03700


One of the finest opportunities at the Suro Treehouse Resort is to enjoy a whole lot of activities in addition to your comfortable stay in one of the most pristine locations. Along with being able to spot wild animals and birds in their natural habitat around the resort, as a guest you can enjoy the following activities and make your stay really memorable for yourself and us.


The serenity and wilderness of the resort becomes even more enjoyable with bonfires in the open under the starry sky. We organize bonfires on demand and allow guests to interact with other occupants on the property over a glass of whiskey or maybe a barbeque.

Village visit

Sure Treehouse Resort and Spa is named after Suro village it’s located in. A walk to Suro village (from where we source all the vegetables and milk for the resort) is more than just sight-seeing; it’ll help you understand the socio-economic culture of the place you’ve come to for a secluded holiday. Interacting with villagers can give you an insight about local livelihood, their lifestyle and daily challenges in life.

Jungle picnics

Picnic to a park, zoo or a botanical garden is just so yesterday. If you want picnic privately, in the most spectacular locations in the middle of thick forest, we can organize it for you. We can provide packed lunch on demand and you can return to the resort all rejuvenated after a wonderful picnic.


Guests can avail facility of camping under the stars. At the resort we have ample open space where we can pitch you a camp and you can have some cozy time in the middle of nature.

Nature Walks, birding and wildlife spotting

You can move out of the comfort of your room for an early morning walk as the rising sun begins to light up the way for you. Walking into the evergreen forest trails is beyond words to express, it’s an experience to be lived. You can understand the flora and fauna of the area during nature walk. And if it’s your day, you may spot some Kalij pheasants, mountain goats, or maybe even a Barasigha.

Jungle Trek

The extraordinary, adrenaline pumping trails in the jungle near the resort captures your intellect and instigate you to conquer them. Fused with a variety of wildlife spotting and unbelievable trekking routes the jungle trek is most action packed adventure you’ll have.

Mountain Biking

Suro Resort is surrounded by numerous cycling trails which are there for you to explore. We arrange for guided mountain biking trips to some highlands in the surrounding area.

Rivulet crossing

In the valley below the treehouse resort is a small stream with gushing fresh water. We organize adventure sport activities here which include the rivulet crossing.